The first title in this list, Sediment, was published at the end of 2014; the last, The Confidence Trick, was published in 1988. All are non-fiction.




Sediment: Two Gentlemen And Their Mid-Life Terroirs  (with Paul Keers; John Blake Publishing)

Jane Austen



Jane Austen: The Life And Times Of The World’s Favourite Author  (Constable)

Burning Rubber



Burning Rubber: The Extraordinary Story Of Formula One  (Quercus)


Them And Us



Them And Us: The American Invasion Of British High Society   (The History Press)

The Fast Set



The Fast Set: Three Extraordinary Men And Their Race For The Land Speed Record  (Little, Brown)




Faintheart: An Englishman Ventures North Of The Border  (Little, Brown)





Greenwich: The Place Where Days Begin And End  (Little, Brown)


Fathers' Race



Father’s Race: A Book About Paternity  (Little, Brown)


Peter York's Eighties



Peter York’s Eighties  (with Peter York; BBC Books)


People Like Us



People Like Us: A Season Among The Upper Classes  (Little, Brown)


Up North



Up North: Travels Beyond The Watford Gap  (Little, Brown)


Now We Are Thirtysomething



Now We Are Thirtysomething  (John Murray)


The Confidence Trick



The Confidence Trick: The City’s Progress From Big Bang To Great Crash  (Hamish Hamilton)