‘The funniest, wickedest dissection of the North I have ever come across’ (Keith Waterhouse, Daily Mail, of Up North)

‘Jennings draws on sources such as Evelyn Waugh and Edith Wharton; his prose often rises to the wit of the former and the elegance of the latterJennings has such a feel for the emotional interaction between the two nationalities…that his book frequently refracts onto the present day’ (Lionel Shriver, Financial Times, of Them And Us)

He writes with gleeful banter, a sure grasp of the style which enlightens a subject…and a sense of historical truth tinged with fun’ (Brian Masters, Spectator, of Them And Us)

‘Made me snigger so much I was ordered along to the spare bed’ (Anne Fine, Sunday Times, of Faintheart)

‘Mordant and droll wit that elevates this book beyond being only good…this seminal story that reaches out and touches us all’ (The Times, of The Fast Set)

‘Very smart and very funny…Fathers’ Race cements Charles Jennings’ reputation as one of the canniest social commentators in Britain today’ (Daily Telegraph)

‘This terrific book had me gripped from the start…a lovely read, full of excitement’ (New Statesman, of The Fast Set)

‘Jennings’s observations are spot-on, on a continuum from television stand-up funny…And yet, Jennings has a lovely turn of phrase on him…the makings of a fine lyric poet’ (Financial Times, of Faintheart)

‘Not just laugh out loud funny, but choke on your cornflakes funny…up there with Kingsley Amis and Jay McInerney’ (Julian Barnes, Judge at the 2014 Andre Simon Awards, of Sediment)

‘Jennings is blessed with a tremendous sense of humour and a gift for piercingly evocative prose’ (Sunday Telegraph, of Up North)

‘This splendid history…brilliantly conveys the rattling turmoil of being in the cockpit of one of these monster cars’ (Guardian, of The Fast Set)

‘Catches brilliantly what it is like to feel not really “one of them”, whilst retaining a keen eye for the ludicrous…very funny’ (Sunday Telegraph, of People Like Us)